In the spirit of the NCAA’s March Madness, we’ll host Head to Head multi-level tournaments every Monday Night throughout March and into April. Prepare for 7 Weeks of Heads Up action! Prepare for the MANO a MANO MADNESS!

The tournament registration will be open week’s in advance. All Tournaments will begin at 10pm EST and registration is $22 per player. Player’s can register anytime prior to the event, however tournament registration will be capped at 64 players. Registration will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

*** Only the first 64 players will compete in each weekly tournament. Any additional entries will be invited to play in the following Monday Night tourney. Register in the MultiTournament Lobby!

Each Monday Night Tourney Awards THE FINAL FOUR
1ST PLACE WINS $500.00 Championship Bid
2ND PLACE WINS $250.00 Championship Bid
3RD PLACE WINS $125.00 Championship Bid
4TH PLACE WINS $125.00 Championship Bid

The Final Four players of each Monday night will all get ‘Bids’ (FREE ENTRY) to the final MANO a MANO Championship on Wednesday April 15th.

A total of 28 Players will get free bids to the APRIL 15TH Championship. Buy-ins to the Championship are $77.00.

The April 15th Championship Awards THE FINAL FOUR
1ST PLACE WINS $2500.00 500 Loyalty Points
2ND PLACE WINS $1500.00 250 Loyalty Points
3RD PLACE WINS $500.00 100 Loyalty Points
4TH PLACE WINS $500.00 50 Loyalty Points

Register Now in the MultiTournament Lobby! Register Now to Win!

***All Tournament Details including prizes, times and structure are subject to change